AI resolution effect, paid resolution image



I just bought the desktop application. I already bought the iOS app but the resolution is simply too low. Therefore, I thought buying the desktop application would create the same effect but in maximum resolution.
Unfortunately, that is not the case and I’m quite disappointed.

I would really, really like a feature that allows you to choose resolution of the Art Style UI on high/max resolution images.
For example, on the below images, we would really like the effect of image 1 (iOS, free version) in the resolution of image 3 (Windows desktop, paid version). Image 2 is iOS, paid version. Effect is “Abstract 1”

Picture 2 will follow
Picture 3 will follow

The AI is much more coarse in the free version which create, in my opinion, a more abstract image. Fewer but larger brush strokes. Also makes for a better view on larger images/posters as the effect will be more apparent from a distance.

So my request is coarse effect in high resolution. Ideally you let the user define effect level from 1-5 or so.


iOS, paid version


You can use the print function within the desktop app to get a higher resolution image for your artwork.


Hi, I’ve the same problem . I would need higher resolution for a presentation, but at higher resolution the result looks much different and in my opinion much worse. If I use printing function the image will be recalculated into higher resolution, but the ‘real’ resolution will Not change. Picture only becomes blurry. I wonder why not more user complaim about this functionility. Is there a plan to implement this in future: the appearance of SD size but output in “real” HD"?
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Here’s the third picture. Windows paid version.


I was suggested the print function, but it really doesn’t work as @Duenni is saying. Also you can edit the “chunk size” at which the effect is applied to the image but it really doesn’t make the cut either.

I found the partly free software “BigJPG” which both increases the resolution and you have the opportunity to apply smoothing. It works best with artwork/drawings and less good with photographs, but it works. Here’s my image of the seagull upscaled, originally the low resolution iOS free version:

The free version og “BigJPG” let’s you choose upscaling of either x2 or x4 with a maximum image size of 3000 x 3000 pixel… x8 and x16 are for premium. However, you can select an image upscale x2/x4 the first time and upscale it once again if it keeps within 3000 x 3000 pixels.


whenever I use the high quality print function, it creates a grainy, unattractive and unusable copy of whatever I’m working on. it also seems to introduce a faux-canvas texture that is not very cool looking.