Aucune image ne s'affiche


ucune fenêtre contextuelle ne s’ouvre. Deep Art Effects s’ouvre normalement, mais aucune image apparait sur l’écran lorsque je la drop ?Capture1
Idem lorsque je passe par “file-open”

Aucune image ?? Je me demande si “jer” n’en est pas la cause ??


We just now released a new version of the Deep Art Effects Desktop client!
Can you try out that one and check if the problem persists on your System?

Thank you in advance.


This time with the version: deep-art-effects-win-setup-1.0.9, Deep installs without problem, but still black screen, the dropped image still does not appear.


This is a problem we could not yet reconstruct.
There is a debug.log file located at: “C:\users\[your Name]\.deeparteffects”
Could you send that file to me via email to "[email protected]" or via private message in here?

This will help me to investigate the problem that occurs on your system.