Can I install Deeparteffects on more than one desktop - both are mine


Hi, I have two desktop computers I use often. One runs Windows 7 and the other Windows 10. I purchased a licence to use Deeparteffects and installed onto the Windows 7 computer but it does not seem to run the program very well.

I have just installed the program onto my other desktop pc that is running windows 10.

Unfortunately, when I type in my product key it says it’s already activated.

Does this mean I can only use the software on one computer? If so, if I uninstall it from my Windows 7 computer will it then work on my Windows 10 computer?

Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere or if there is a help file that discusses it. Please provide a link if there is.

Many thanks for any help with this.


Go here - and log in

The top right of the screen will now have a drop-down menu with your username as a title. Click on that then select “Product Key”

There’s a link there to “Deactivate License” - click that and you can use your license on your Win10 box (great manual they have here, eh?)

I do this a LOT as I frequently switch between Win 10. Mac, Linux(es), Win 7, Jetson Nano and Raspberry Pi (the last one really sucks ATM)


Hi there peardox,
Thank you so much. This worked a treat. I was also able to get help from the chat feature on the deeparteffects pricing page.

Great to know the program can be used on a variety of setups.

Thank you again for taking the time to reply.


Yeah - got it on my Tablets + phones as well :slight_smile:


Now, that’s what I call using the program to the max!


Nope - getting it working on the Jetson Nano is :slight_smile:

A Nano is a $/£99 tiny computer - like a Raspberry Pi but with a GPU bolted on.

I think the version I’m hacking together ATM will work properly (had it working already but this should be close to a proper version)