Cli generate with AI


Hi is there CLI command to generate ai artwork from Command line?

would like to auto generate lets say 100 art pieces and pick the best to work with


I already asked the same question and also got no reply

You’ll notice that the CLI actually does just about everything the GUI does. This appears to be a result of you, me and others moaning about every new feature being missing from the CLI as said feature usually turns up in the next release (one day they’ll surprise us and do a CLI first release…)

So, next release, cross something and hope, you never know - you might get your wish.


This feature will be available in the next release.


Thanks Cedric, most appreciated


most appreciated indeed :slight_smile:


So when’s the update due?

1.2.3 was released a month ago…

From my point of view a that just adds CLI art is fine for now