Deep Art Effects Desktop v1.2.0 available


Hi all!

Big news today! Deep Art Effects Desktop v1.2.0 is rolling out to our website right now.


What’s new:

NEW: Artistic style AI for super realistic artwork creation. Slow on CPU, use a GPU to boost rendering
Read more about that amazing feature:

NEW: Bokeh AI effect for portraits to simulate expensive SLR cameras
NEW: Render videos via CLI
NEW: Set chunk size in CLI mode
NEW: Set render intensity in CLI mode
NEW: Set JPEG export quality
NEW: International installer supporting several languages
BUGFIX: Fixed rendering progress display

Read more about CLI:



Changing chunksize ALWAYS results in warning (needs a don’t show again)

JPeg quality - Pops up every time, extremely annoying (belongs in preferences)

Far too much dependence on mouse - everything requires a mouse click. Acts like a mobile phone app in this respect, All desktop applications also have keyboard shortcuts - except DAE


-verbose option does nothing
-intensity 0 does intensity default
-chunksie 128 does chunksize default

Every run results in the following error (when loading language)
at Source)
at Source)
at com.deeparteffects.desktopapp.util.g.a(Unknown Source)
at com.deeparteffects.desktopapp.Main.main(Unknown Source)


Mac error when using Artistic Style
2019-10-10 10:33:13,723 DEBUG o.n.v.VersionCheck [Thread-22] Error reading property files for jar:file:///Applications/!/ai/skymind/


No new release since mid-October?

Does this mean a big one is imminent?