Desktop App literally crashing every 10-15 min


Just signed up for 3 months on the desktop since I liked the app so much, but in the past 2 days since I’ve downloaded the app, it crashes every 10-15 min. No joke. I can’t really get anything done and have lost so much already. Talk about frustrating!!! Anyone have this issue and is there anyway to fix it?


What OS? Win10, 8, 7, Mac or Linux
How much memory?
What chunk size are you using? That EATS the GPU memory…

My poor little laptop dies on anything with big chunks as it’s only got 2Gb of GPU memory. The work-around there is to switch to the slower CPU version which will handle much bigger jobs.


I’m on a brand new macbook pro. Mojave. 16GB Ram.
I’d like to believe this is sufficient for the program.


We think it is related to: Crash on MacOS Mojave


Ok, I read this thread and not sure what it means. Is there a fix? How do I fix it?


It is a system problem, not an application problem. Please let the application window be stay in foreground so it will not crash.