How To: Install Deep Art Effects GPU


When you are running an NVIDIA Graphics Card, you can use our GPU optimized client!

Here you can check whether your Graphics Card is capable of CUDA

For the Deep Art Effects Desktop client to work with GPU you have to install CUDA 9.0 toolkit.

On Windows, you’ll have to install the CUDA 9.0 Toolkit
Choose the setup for your system, download and install

Extract cudnn into cuda installation directory:
Win10: cudnn for win10
Win7: cudnn for win7

Deep Art Effects for Desktop is ready to run on your GPU!
Download the Windows GPU version for Windows and install that.

Please note: The first time you use the Windows desktop version on GPU it may take some time to initialize the NVIDIA graphic card (up to 1 minute)

Just install the CUDA 9.0 Toolkit. After that you have to install cuDNN. Please download it from here:

Afterward, you can install Deep Art Effects GPU for Linux.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to run the GPU version on Mac.

Win 10 cuda9 installed Quadro M6000
AI initializing forever

Aucun changement.

Après installation de CUBA et de toutes les mises à jour, voici le message que j’obtiens lors de l’installation :


Hello Sosten,

sorry for the inconvenience.
Is it possible that your harddrive is full?


How to install cuDNN, it is only a .zip file without installer. Where do i need to extract the files to get it running ?


Which operation system do you have?


Owing to the lack of decent instructions for DAE I’ve been setting up some useful help pages. The web site is still a bit of a work in progress - easily fixed…

I’ve just finished installation instructions for CUDA + cuDNN for Win7+10

There’s an introductory page at

Win7 installation -
Win10 installation -

Ubuntu 16.04 - I’ll do when I get a chance (I’ve got a load of stuff just about ready to publish and a LOAD of ideas for new ones)


I installed the GPU version on my Win 10 machine, but don’t see how to start it. I only see the regular DAE CPU version. Did I have to uninstall the regular version first?


Just install the GPU version - it (stupidly) overwrites the CPU version

Why do I consider this stupid?

Simple - unless you’ve got a GPU with a LOT of memory a large chunk size setting will crash DAE (and it won’t tell you)

There’s a messy work-around that lets you have both installed