Making Deep Art Effects Faster - The GPU Version


I was asked to do a GPU version of StartDAE so I did

I didn’t think there was any point - how can I make your GPU faster?

I was wrong - my tests show Deep Art Effects rendering 75% faster on my PC

StartDAE-GPU is for Windows only and is optimised for all but the latest NVIDIA CPUs (specifically not been able to try a RTX 2080 which uses CUDA 10)

Once again please note that StartDAE-GPU has no connection with Deep Art Effects - it’s a separate program that speeds up another one.

If you’ve got a RTX-2080 leave a reply and I’ll try writing a version for that too

StartDAE-GPU is available now on


Hi Simon.
I just ran a few tests of StartDAE versus regular DAE start, running the “batch” AI tool on the attached image (1.1Mb jpeg image) rendered at original resolution.
Here’s what I found
Regular DAE start
Test 1 - 8:14.68
Test 2 - 8:14.53

Start DAE start
Test 1 - 7:16.62
Test 2 - 7:10.07


Not overly amazing

Are those timings from the preview window? It gets timing wrong at the start if so, the ETA drops quite rapidly. Accurate timings require debug.log - writing that stuff for batch app.

What chunk size (preferences -> chunk size) where you using - 512?

Try 2k if you used 512 - your card will probably handle it - try a single image styled to first.