Output quality uhd/original size vs. effects of filters at sd


I have a serious problem; Mosaic-3 filter perfect at SD size, but if you use the output image size at HD, UHD or even at Original Size, the brush sizes become so small and there is no effect of Mosaic-3 as it was in SD. How to solve this serious problem? Could you please suggest what to do? I need UHD or Original File output quality, but still need to have the Mosaic-3 filter as it is only achievable for now in SD.
All the other filters are perfect at SD, but when you increase the output size to HD, UHD and original file, the effect get lost due to so small brush sizes and becomes useless.

Below quoted another user having the same issues but not any answer yet:

With the supplied Art filters, is it possible to to have relatively larger brush strokes while also outputting at higher resolution/quality? when I go from SD to HD or Original, the overall resolution increases but the size of the brush strokes get relatively smaller, which changes the results quite a bit (i.e. with higher resolution there’s a lot more brush strokes).


A simple idea is to use the AI super resolution scale up when using SD rendering. Available in the tools menu.