So many problems


On my tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab s7, my premium account doesn’t recognize. On my Huawei Mate 20 pro, always pop up “network error” so deeparteffect is unusable.


Dear @Grisu63, can you please indicate which version of Android you are running on your Samsung Galaxy Tab s7
Can you also indicate whether you are registered and logged in to the app ?
If so please send me a screenshot from the settings page.

On the Huawei Mate 20 pro can you indicate whether you’re connected through home-wifi or through 3g/4g ?
Also please let me know the android OS number there.


I am having the exact same problem. It happened as soon as I purchased the premium membership. I also have a Samsung but a

galaxy s10 phone (aos updated) and a vankyo s30 (aos 9)tablet. The app works fine on both and I seem to be able to access everything I should. Just get a network error when I try to login on either I get a network error.



Confirmed - Android login is broken

I just tried on my already logged in account, logged out then couldn’t log back in again


Android log in is working fine currently @peardox and @Mtvargas1 please check again. Test your login on our site, then in the app. It works for me. Please check again.


Works on one device but doesn’t on another

Works on Huawei P-Smart 2019 with Android 10

Fails on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 T819 with Android 7 - can log in via Chome to website but not using App, App just reports Network Error (although I’m logged in on Chrome at the same time)

While testing I notice there’s a rip-off “Deep Art Effects” app on both iOS + Droid stores (with bad scores)


@deeparteffects has been notified and will look into it. Thanks for all feedback


Still getting same error