Use original colors to get the special magic


Did you notice the little button “original colors” on the left? With this option it is possible to transfer only the style of an image. I used it in the artwork below in combination with the Vincent AI


Style used:


Very nice, thanks for the example.
Is there a manual for this art program?


we are going to release a how to video soon


Can you advise on the brush and chunk size settings used here? I’m not clear what the relationship is between the resolution dropdown settings and the chunk size, brush size, style weight and style image in order to achieve the desired results and the ability to output those results at a high resolution while maintaining the stroke/tile proportions.


Does the video exist yet? It would be very helpful to have some tips on how to select styles which work well with particular types of art - thanks.


Available in 2 weeks


Thank you. Can you also think about the power parameters to respect so that the artistic work be ecosociable? #terraprotectivitybeforeproductivity


Is the tutorial available?