Adding new art styles

Hello. I have been looking but not finding. Is there a way to add my own styles to the choices and if so please point me in direction of tutorial on how to do this? Thank you.

The best way to use your own styles is by using the ‘Artistic AI’ filter section. Load an image into the main area then add a style image using the ‘Add New [+]’ button in the lower left of DAE. When you render your new image it will apply your chosen style image to your main image.

Changing the ‘Style Weight’ slider dictates how much the style influences the image.
Changing the Optimization Iterations has a drastic effect to the eventual resultant image - too low and it’ll look rubbish, too high and it’ll take forever.

Note that ‘Artistic AI’ is ‘very computationally expensive’ - i.e. it needs a really beefy GPU to do anything quickly. Running it on CPU only will be extremely slow,

For a quick and easy solution which won’t take very long check out something I wrote about style variations a while ago which is a good starting point - - this is much faster and may be enough for you to get something useful