Auto uploading of output images is bad

I know that it’s probably supposed to be a feature, but DAE keeps a copy of any image made or edited with DAE (android 13) and thus unbeknownst to the user an online album of DAE images (and original and filter too probably) is auto created. There needs to be an offline only mode and an opt out lest albums with nekkid wives gone wild DAE-style be created by hapless users unintentionally. Just a thought

This is only the case if you also have a DAE account. The DAE account is also separate from the Google account and not necessary for the mobile app. The account offers exactly the option you describe and will soon have additional functions. The user can also delete his pictures himself at any time. The images are then permanently deleted.

We have no hidden copies. If you are not logged into the DAE account in the app, the images will be sent to the server for rendering and automatically deleted. We have no interest in our users’ images. We also do not trade data. We sell full versions with more functionality.

Offline rendering is available in the desktop app, since most mobile devices unfortunately do not yet offer sufficient performance from a technical point of view. This will of course change over time and then it makes sense to offer it on mobile as well.

You should get users permission before auto creating galleries of what users thought were private, local images.

Hi there, thank you for reaching out. As my teammate mentioned above, there will only be a copy made if you are logged in with a DAE account. If you don’t want this, you may log out of the mobile app, and log back in with your google account., which is separate from the DAE account. That way, no images will be stored on the DAE account. Each user has the option of deleting the whole gallery if he or she wishes to do so. Regarding your comment about getting a permission from a user, I’ve asked this internally to see if that’s a possible feature for the future.

The gallery is private, only you have access to it.

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Right, that all sounds like a complex sequence of actions to “opt out” when most users probably don’t know it exists or was being created for them in the first place. I found it by accident.

Additionally, I would wager that DAE could access it if DAE had a reason to.

Hello @kingofpain I understand your concerns. But please keep in mind that Deep Art Effects is located in Germany, which means it has to adhere to the very strict rules of the GDPR, the European data protection law. And also as mentioned above, the gallery is private, you are the only one who has access to it.
When you make a purchase and want to know your license key, or you need to reactivate it to use it on a different device, as a user you are prompted to create an account on our website. That’s how one knows about the member profile, and thus about the gallery that’s been created on the Deep Art Effects website.
This feature is also mentioned in the official description of the mobile version of our app.
I hope to have given you satisfactory information regarding this issue. Feel free to reach out.

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Deep Art Effects support.