Background removal + compositing for video


DAE 1.2.1 finally has background removal so I thought I’d have a little play

This is my first test and my laptop’ GPU ain’t got enough RAM to do this properly so processing was a little on the slow side.

I grabbed a CC0 video clip from Pixabay - - the choice was a bit dumb in hindsight as there’s no action in about 1/2 the video, never mind - I’m just playing…

I used the “Sketch 1” filter to process the video (90 mins on my CPU version)

Using FFMpeg I extracted all the frames from both videos

I then wrote some batch files to process the extracted frames. Well, more accurately I cheated and used 2-3 lines of PHP to automate writing the batch files (I’m not manually typing in c 400 filenames)

I processed the “Sketch 1” video frames with Deep Art Effects to create both a set of foreground images and the alpha channel data (100 mins)

Finally I used ImageMagick to composite everything into thee final video clips

Here I kept the original foreground…

Here I kept the original background (an extra processing step)…