Background removal + compositing


I’m playing with the following for video (waiting for green screen to arrive)

In the meantime…

Here’s a base image


Run it through the Sketch filter and you get this…


Got to (nothing bigger than 360p) and you get this


It messed my thumb up so I just painted over it in pink (didn’t need the image anyway, it’s just to use as a mask)

Stick these images in layers (I used then used the version with the background removed to mask the originals

End results are a lot better IMHO

garden_sketch2 garden_sketch3


In the next version there will be an automatically background removal feature. So stay tuned.


In the “next version” background removal is missing


Also looking forward to this feature


If you want something to try out while we wait…

It’s a Python script (yuk) but it works to an extent (missed a bit of a test image of mine)

***** Warning *** It uses a 500M data file you have to download!**