Batch process failing


When I run AI TOOLS > BATCH PROCESSING, no matter what FILE > PREFERENCES > CHUNK SIZE setting is, the artwork is created and will run to 100% usually between 72 to 99 of 123 images; never goes over 100. After 100% shows, the time remaining continues to grow. Clicking stop have no affect. Must go to Windows Task Manager > FILE > PROCESSES, right click JAVA™ PLATFORM SE BINARY and select END TASK, which will cause Deep Art Effects to close. In the folder where I am saving the files, there are anywhere from the 75 to 102 files saved, the remaining were not saved.


This would be a sign that the program is running out of memory.
The batch program is more memory intensive than other features.
So either freeing up more memory so that it can be used by the program would help.
Or as alternative you can try this batch function through CLI Deep Art Effects Command Line Tool For Batch Processing & Scripting


Thanks for the information. Will try the batch program link. Looks very informative. Thank you again.