Batch Processing UI Hangs


This is the result after 90+ mins of using the Batch Processing menu option

As can be seen from the dialog it’s done 511/738 - but it’s hung as is hinted at by the fact that the remaining time is quoted as -3:0-21:100

Examining the output folder there are the expected 121 images but 38 (the hung ones I presume) are all unstyled.

I checked this by writing a script to do the same thing using the CLI to make sure the unstyled ones were indeed wrong and sure enough the CLI-driven output is styling the bad ones properly (it’s still running having done 70 of 121 ATM)


Hi, I don’t know whether my hint helps you. I also had the problem that is always hangs at the batch mode. I increased my RAM from 8 to 16 GB and since then it did not hang again (so far ;-). At 8 GB I observed that the workload for RAM sometimes increased continously towards very high percentage.

  1. I’ve already got 16Gb
  2. CLI works flawlessley
  3. The UI is buggy (hence the title)


It doesn’t matter if you have 8 GB or 16GB the amount of ‘free’ memory matters.
The batch process via CLI is memory heavy, even more so then the normal rendering.
Normally the program requires 4GB of free RAM, for a full complete batch processing (via web-GUI) you need a bit more than 4 GB of free ram or it wil get stuck.