Bug: Intelligent Resize has vertical line artifact

Whenever I use the Intelligent Resize feature (on a png or jpg image) the output contains a visible vertical line. This line is located about 40% away from the right border of the image and extends the entire height of the image.

Windows 10, v19044, Deep Art v1.2.7

Another example.


Hi @BlueOrcaNW , thanks for your question. I have tried to replicate the issue you are describing, but there is no line appearing on my screen.
I am on Windows 10 Pro, version 21H2. I don’t think it’s important whether you’re on the normal, or the Pro version of Windows 10.

You could try to resize the image manually, and see if this problem persists. Also, a second thing that you could do is the following: You have to save the file you made the neural changes to a new file, then reopen this new file and and save it with intelligent resize. This might help with the line that is appearing in the new image.

Please let us know if the above works for you.

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I’m not making any changes to the image file other than opening a png file and choosing intelligent resize.

I’m on Windows 10 Pro too.

Hello @BlueOrcaNW . I am not sure what might be causing this issue to be honest. It could be that the artifact is introduced during the resizing process, where the software is trying to preserve the quality of the image while increasing its resolution. It is also possible that the artifact is caused by a bug. Further investigation and analysis are required to determine the exact cause of this issue. It seems that the vertical line artifact when using the Intelligent Resize feature in Deep Art Effects is not a common issue.
Could you please send us a detailed description of the issue you are encountering to [email protected]? If possible, please include the debug file as well, and as many details as possible of the OS you are using. I will have to forward this internally, because I am unable to determine what might cause the issue on your computer. I replicated your issue on my own desktop but there’s no line appearing when I use the Intelligent Resize tool. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Okay, I’ll send you a repro. Do you have a github repo where i can file the bug?

Hey @BlueOrcaNW . You can send us a text file from the debug file. How to check the generated debug log:

Open Deep Art Effects and select “info” → “about” in the top menu bar.
In the about dialog there is a button called “show debug log”
A new window containing the log will appear. Just press “copy”

A second option you have is to locate the debug file here: [Windows] C:\users\.deeparteffects\debug.log. You can send it to us at [email protected].
I’ll then forward this internally, so someone could take a look at it.
Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Cheers, Camelia