Bye-bye Deep Art Effects

I’m not goijng to be able to do anything interesting any more with DAE as my license just expired and my budget doesn’t stretch to buying one (I’m literally that poor)

And I’m back

The above message was actually for the good folks at DAE to either notice or ignore.

While DAE isn’t expensive by any means my funds are extremely limited (took me six years to get a decent PC and someone else paid for it). My Deep Art Effects has been provided to me for free for the last couple of years (I was skint then as well).

Nevertheless, DAE don’t owe me a free license, they just decided to provide me with one (which I’m very greatful for). There is no arrangement in place, if I don’t like something in DAE I’ll complain about it and if I think something is crap I’ll say so (I have done so in the past - I’m not a Shill)

For my part I write some hopefully interesting stuff about DAE and explain how I did it (they don’t ask me to - I just do it anyway).

Anyway, my license now never expires so you’re stuck with me :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it. I find your contributions to this forum very useful.

This place appears to have lots of people who read but hardly anyone writing :frowning:

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seems as if development, as it were, has stopped

absolutely not. additional development power and a bunch of new stuff in the making.

I did point out in another thread (the TF 2.0 is coming one I think) that its likely that development needs to handle the Log4j issue that surfaced after I was informed that TF 2.0 was on the way.

I also mentioned that I’d requested a few small changes that I hoped would make it into next release which if accepted would also take extra time.

Finally. I said, just be patient - that’s what I do

Sadly some people expect everything yesterday

Something for those of you who are upset TF2 ain’t here (yet)

such as… ?

style favorites?
style sorting?
save as… dialog box with resolution options?