Crashing a lot now

I am giving a presentation Tuesday, April 5th to a large group of photographers in Utah.
The subject is “Deep Art Effects for your photos.” Unfortunately , my program, newest version, is crashing constantly now. I am importing small images in jpeg so the rastering is fast for the audience to see it work. I am on an iMac, running version 12.2.1 Monterey with 40 gb or ram. Any ideas how to solve this before it is embarrassing for both me and the company?

Good day @jjividen can you please send your debug logs to julia [email protected]

No disrespect man but you shouldn’t rely on software not crashing for your important presentation (thus guaranteeing it will fail at the critical moment). Consider using video capture to take footage of you doing what you want to show (then convert that to like 10 different video types so that you deffo have one that works) and just talk over your video. Or at the very least have the video for backup. Yes, not as cool as a live demo, however, this is what I would do.


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