Crashing constantly

I have been a DAE user for years, starting with my phone, then iPad, and now Mac. Recently version 1.2.7 crashes 99% of the time on my iMac. Works fine on other devices but I need to be able to use my Mac. Any suggestions?


Thank you for letting us know about this :slight_smile:

Issues like this might occur due to multiple reasons, so we can’t know what caused it based on the information provided; but you can send us the generated debug. This helps us have a look at what causes the crashes on the customer’s machine.

How to check the generated debug log:

Open Deep Art Effects and select “info” → “about” in the top menu bar.
In the about dialog there is a button called “show debug log”
A new window containing the log will appear. Just press “copy”

I hope this helped :slight_smile:

Hi, you asked if this helped. I sent a debug log to you two weeks ago. How do I get help? It still crashes when I am using it. I have the latest version. Do I need to uninstall and reload"?

I thought I saw a second response from you saying you would be looking into the debugging log I sent you in early July. You apologized for the delay. Now I can’t find the email from you. It appears I am not the only one having this issue. Can you please respond and let me know if you are looking into this for me or not? I would greatly appreciate it as I’m still not able to use DAE on my desktop.

I am in a similar situation. I am forced to reduce the size of my source files outside the app and then open them in DAE to avoid the app closing without warning over and over. I wish the app didn’t just disappear and at least said “out of memory” or something.