DAE 1.2.7 First impressions

Wouldn’t it be nice if Deep Art Effects were - ooh, three times faster, batch processing actually worked and there were at least basic guides?

Well, 1.2.7 is all of those things and more :slight_smile:

I got a beta of the new release to test this morning and everything is far better. The speed increase is extremely welcome, most of my tests were three times as fast as with 1.2.6, one test was only twice as fast (I was using the PC at the time though)

The Info menu now has some handy little guides that tell you what all the buttons do (about time too!)

A few days ago I needed to create some artwork for a project I’m working on - I wish I’d had this version then as Batch processing finally works properly.

It took me hours to chose a style for my project - I went for Gothic, if I’d had 1.2.7 I’d have run a batch and actually picked a different style.

The timings are impressive too. For a batch to choose a style the 480x240 batch pictured above is perfect and running 122 versions of the 3000 x 1500 master image took a mere 2 mins and 48 seconds on my pathetic aging laptop, one image every 1.377 seconds!

For a proper test I’ve just run off the same batch at 1920 x 1280 (while writing this) which took 35 mins 25 seconds, one every 17.418 seconds (and my laptop really is garbage - you’ll probably do a lot better)

A new addition to the ‘other’ AI menus is a Random style button. Click this and it does exactly what it say - creates a random style. Sounds like a gimmick? Actually it worked rather well for my tests creating some interesting styles - don’t get put off by the misleading thumbnail image, they actually work.

DAE 1.2.7 - coming real soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up - the new version sounds brilliant. How do I get on the Beta testing program? That’s a rhetorical question by the way. I am having to use the batch program a lot and make my own styles - therefore I am tearing my hair out sometimes.

I don’t know if they have a proper beta program, I just get one every so often - last time was about a year ago.

Batch is worth having now, it improves DAE beyond belief when choosing styles

The last time I had a beta the full release came out a few days later. I did make some observations / suggestions (nothing that prevents release though)

I want the Mac version (only got Win + Linux) - Mac / Linux is faster than Win here (buy my Linux machines are real dinosaurs)

I sympathise about MAC/Linux. Currenty I amusing an x-gamers workstation with WIN10 & NVIDIA. The raw power seems to work well. The problems I am having is with the GPU v1.2.6 release. No matter what I did, it would not load all of the styles: 99/100. And thanks for your web pages on DAE.

Oh, there’s something they didn’t mention - Cuda - noticable by its omission even though I got the GPU betas. My GPUs on the blink so couldn’t test anyway… About time they updated Cuda (they musy have updated Tensorflow - the ony possible reason for the speed increase)

They also mentioned that video processing has been updated, this was something I didn’t test when writing the above but have since and it seems to work fine.

Oh - they also mention that the dumb progress bar (it displays negative numbers) is fixed.

As for the web pages, I’ve just retired a few of them, specifically the Go-Faster stuff. I told them a year ago how to do this but they were hesitant to do so (breaks compatibility with really old PC - like 12 years plus) - they’ve obviously re-considered as they mention that the speed change is for modern hardware.

Looking forward to the speed increases and other improvements. But it doesn’t seem to have been released yet since I’m still on DAE 1.2.6. and that seems to be the latest version.

I’m trying to find out - will let you know if / when I hear anything

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Any word? Still haven’t heard anything from DAE.