DAE Beta Program

we are launching the official DAE Beta Progam here. If you want to be part of the development of DAE and join the program, send us a message with the subject “DAE Beta Program” to [email protected].

I would like to be part of the DAE Beta program. Send specifics…

Please send us an email as described.

So the betas I’ve had have all been un-official?

Nope, can’t be, Cedric sent them to me…:slight_smile:

Sent an email, haven’t heard anything yet. Fingers crossed

Just to reassure you (as far as I can) I just thought I’d sign up for the list just in case - I guessed I was already on it so sent an email as instructed to [email protected] with the subject “DAE Beta Program” in which I said…

“Just to be on the safe side as I don’t know if I’m on the official beta”

I just got a reply…

You are on the list :smiley:

So I wouldn’t worry, as long as you used the correct subject and email they got the message

Did you check spam email folders? That can happen…

I’ve been saying they needed a good number of beta testers for a while - I know I’m one but don’t know if there are any others (as I’m the only one who ever posts about it).

Betas are a funny thing - if there’s good news I’ll mention it in community but anything bad I only mention to DAE so they can fix it. To be honest the beta I had 11th June only had minor issues.

One thing that’s worth mentioning is that it looks like they’re using a newer version of Tensorflow as this drastically increases render times. The downside of the newer version is that it won’t work on ancient hardware (the old version will). The beta works on older (as opposed to ancient) CPUs fine - my PC is about six years old (and I’m skint so can’t upgrade)

I did suggest (again) that they add an “Import from Unsplash” as I consider this a really good way to experiment with DAE - that’s about the only thing that could take any real time (I doubt they’ve done it - surprise me DAE…)

I got my Beta on a Friday
They announced Officual Beta on a Friday

Fridays are good cos that way you have all weekend to play around

It’s not Friday

And, in case it ain’t obvious, this Friday may not be THE Friday

If I don’t answer a PM it means I have nothing to say

Ooh - it must be Friday :slight_smile:

New Beta time - Mac too (I use all OSes)

Thanks Cedric

Oh - you didn’t specify feedback mechanism (I always email you)

A Discord may be a good option

Oh - a fairly obvious point for beta testers…

The beta reports that there’s a newer version (1.2.6). This is obviously as 1.2.6 is the current stable version.

Just ignore it…