Deep Art Effects Desktop v1.0.12 available


Hi all!

Deep Art Effects Desktop v1.0.12 is is rolling out to our website right now.

What’s new:

NEW: Added links to some dialogs for better convenience.
NEW: Outdated styles are updated automatically.
NEW: No need to install JRE anymore on MacOS
NEW: You get no warning installing DAE on MacOS anymore
BUGFIX: The Stylelist is not shuffled anymore when no internet connection is available.
BUGFIX: A Crash on some occasions when starting into webcam mode is fixed.
BUGFIX: Printfile crash on large pictures fixed.


Getting a 403 on the MacOS download.


Thank you for the hint. Download is now available.


Clicking “Download” on the “Check for updates” dialog in the macOS app gives a 404:

And I see no mention of the desktop version on the new home page:

Where should we download this update from?


You can download the newest version via our website. The mentioned error above has been fixed.