Deep Art Effects Desktop v1.2.1 available


NEW: Selectively render foreground / background
NEW: Automatically remove background black/white/transparent
NEW: A bunch of new features for the CLI client:

  • render images with all ai models (art styles, abstract, vincent, artistic)
  • render multiple inputs at once
  • render multiple styles at once
  • choose chunk size
  • render with bokeh
  • remove background
  • verbose output

BUGFIX: No more system crashes on MacOs Catalina when application is not in foreground
BUGFIX: Fixed intensity for video rendering
BUGFIX: Fixed original colors for video rendering
BUGFIX: Fixed various minor bugs and stability issues


It seems that no new features have been added after the update. I can only load one image. I can only load one style. A black background is not removed. I have also completely uninstalled and reinstalled the program.
The installed version is 1.2.1


There is a new function called “Remove background” under AI-Tools. Please also pay attention to the new buttons on the left image settings pane.


thanks for your answer.
Then I would like to process several images and I hoped that the function “render multiple inputs at once” makes this possible.

I know the Commandline Tool. But here I can’t specify the output resolution and I get a strongly resized image with a thick frame. I open another thread for this.

thanks for your help