Deeparteffectcli.exe resolution problems


i tried the deeparteffectcli.exe with the command:
DeepArtEffectsCli.exe artfilter -chunksize 2048 -input test.png -output test_style.jpg -intensity 100 -stylename “aurora”

the source resolution is: 3840x2160px

the output is also 3840x2160px and the inner image is 1280x720
Furthermore I would like to render higher resolutions. is that possible?


The output res is set by the desktop version’s selection, Change the desktop resolution to HD and quit then run the CLI again and you’ll get 1280x720

Personally I leave mine set to Original, size the input to the desired output and process it - this way you can do non-standard resolutions like 1280x960 (4:3 aspect ratio)


Thank you Peardox. I also use the original size function now. This solves my problem. Thread can be closed