DeepArtEffectsCli on a Raspberry Pi 3 with 1Gb RAM


Always up for a challenge after I got the Pi4 version working I thought “let’s try a 1GB Pi 3” :slight_smile:

Sure enough…

Hardware : Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2 - 1Gb
Operating System : Raspberry Pi OS 32 bit
Render Time : 45.113 seconds (960 x 540)

As expected it’s like 1/2 the speed of the Pi4

@Memnon - if your devs wanna play here’s the Tensorflow libs, they take like 24 hours to do a native compile on a Pi (better than cross-tools) - think these are 1.14 (built them ages ago) - there are the 32 bit armhf versions, aarch64 I’ve got stashed somewhere on my system if useful (New Arm Mac would be interesting)


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