Desktop Application versus Mobile App


I’m not very happy with the results I’m producing using the paid desktop application as opposed to the free version of the mobile app. I’m interested to know how to make a filtered image on my desktop as close to the same as that which was created using the mobile app. Are they different because of the resolutions? There doesn’t seem to be enough tools to duplicate what can be done with the mobile app.

Somewhat disappointed


There are some differences to keep in mind.

  • With the mobile, the images are rendered by Deep Art Effects on their cloud servers and not locally as is the case with desktop / pc software
  • The images sent back are resized
  • The AI’s vary slightly from the AI’s that you can use on the desktop software.

The most common effect changes however are as result of the size of the canvas being larger + a lower ‘chunk’ sized used. If you have a large canvas and then apply the style with a chunk size of 512 then the pattern will be repeated.

Have a look at found at

I personally prefer the results from the desktop software.


Thanks. I have already seen that and it helped a little. What I’ve discovered with the desktop software is that a chunk size of 2048 works best for high res photos imo. I’m going to play with it a bit more and try different settings and even resolutions. Even if the canvas is scaled down some, they’ll still produce decent resulting resolutions.

I’m curious, if I had paid to use the phone app instead of the desktop app, would the resolution of the finished product still be resized thus producing a lower res image?


1920px is the maximum for mobile phone, so yes.


While not too bad, it isn’t as good as the desktop’s resolution. This will be interesting, but hopefully I can make it work for me.