Does this program work on laptop?

Hello I’ve purchased 3 months of Deep Art Effects just yesterday and excited to check out this new and exciting program but it runs very slow on my gaming laptop and I’m not quite sure am I missing a plugin or update causing me to spend on average 20-40 minutes on low detail artistic ai when I wanted to transform a friend’s portrait into Mona Lisa. Deep Dream Generator does give me much better and faster results but I much prefer to actually have a program that I can customize and don’t have to upload every image to the internet. Can somebody please help me or give me some ideas on what I can do to properly use this program? I feel like it’s definitely something wrong on my system and have changed settings a bunch but no difference, updated drivers no difference, uninstalled and reinstalled still the same, even gave it full admin permissions and checked firewall wasn’t interfering with anything. It’s just 1 small photo, and my computer isn’t even getting hot so I don’t know what is wrong… I use a legion y740 gaming laptop that I got last year for Christmas.

Screenshot%20(300) This is on maximum level of detail 300 iteration, there was another instance that it went over 50 hours of estimated computing time but I can’t remember what I did last night to get that.

I haven’t used photoshop or any media editing software since high school hahaha… It’s been a while, I wonder if photoshop has NN yet.

All good now that I’ve linked up GPU, turns out there was a sneaky trojan hiding in my files XD… Got rid of it and all the problems went away.

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Before it would have taken 3 hours, now only 15 minutes LOL…

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