Download from website?

Is there a way to download all that is needed from the website at one time …
instead of it downloading for each new image or style ?

Hello @lacogada ,

When using the styles and AI models for the first time, they are downloaded from the Internet. After the initial download, they are used locally. Because the models are very large, they are downloaded the first time they are used and not distributed with the software.
The download dialog only appears briefly the first time you start the program.
Please let me know if I have answered your question, or if you need assistance/ explanation.

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Deep Art Effects support.

Thanks … could you point to the folder to save a backup ?

Hi @lacogada can you please specify your question? What exactly do you need to back up? And why?
Thanks in advance.

I often keep my photo editing machine offline,

Thought was … if I could download the models needed, save a backup … then I would not have to constantly keep my machine online when using DAE.

This happens automatically. When you use a style for the first time, it is downloaded and cached. Afterwards, you no longer need an online connection.

Thanks for the reply