Duplicate "Aurora" filters in DAE


When I open and use Art Style AI in the desktop application, I see that there are two style filters with the name “Aurora”. This duplicated name doesn’t seem to matter when I am using the desktop application, because I can choose the filter I want from the examples at the bottom of the screen.

When I use “Aurora” in the -style command in the CLI batch application, I get the first of the two Aurora filters applied. But, I have not found any way to apply the second (more colorful) Aurora style filter.

Can someone please tell me how to access the second Aurora style in the CLI batch application?

Thank you.

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Only way I"ve done it was to copy the second model to the first model file name you can see the list here.

Aurora 1st one is non paid license version
Aurora 2nd one is paid license version.

You can search to get the uid of both files as long as the styles have been gathered by the desktop version you can just take the better looking one and replace the other (always do backups and worst case you can clear cache and restart)

Not the most practical option but same goes for the Daily the daily is just a random from the 122 others.

the files are located in c:\users<your user name>.deeparteffects\assets

ren c7985ab5-1560-11e7-afe2-06d95fe194ed.model *.bak
copy eda4b4b0-1b90-11e7-afe2-06d95fe194ed.model c7985ab5-1560-11e7-afe2-06d95fe194ed.model

As long as you don’t reopen desktop or reset cache you’ll have access to aurora 2.

Thank you. This worked.

I hope that the next version of DAE will have this colorful Aurora (2) distinguished with a different name.

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From what I can see the CLI version was a afterthought a useful tool but a mismatch of coding to just get a outputted product … definitely Beta… glad that solution worked for you.

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