Failure to start the program


Hi, I installed my program version as an adminastrator. Beforehand I bought a 3 Month ticket for the program. After buying it I got my product key.
I started the program properly but I could´nt insert the product key. The program didnt respond to it.
So I tried the testing version. The program started and a dragged a picture on it. The picture appeared but at the same time I got the following error message:

Error: PKIX path building failed: sun. security,provider.certpath.SunCertpath.SunCerstPathbuild…

Is anybody out there to help me. The program ist running on Windows 10pro, 64bit. Graphic: GForce610.

I am looking forward for any hints to solve my problem.



Additional remarks. I tried again to start the program but this time without adding a picture. Instead I got the error message Error fast style not downloaded.

Error message:…PKIXX building path failed…


Good day, please contact our support via the support chat or [email protected] so that support can help you out in your individual case. Win 10, 64 bit is fully supported, so there must be something off on your particular machine.

please send us your generated logs if any.

  1. Open Deep Art Effects and select “ info ” --> “ about ” in the top menu bar.
  2. In the about dialog there is a button called “ show debug log
  3. A new window containing the log will appear. Just press “ copy

Paste the copied text into a mail, send it to [email protected] and you are done!

You can also send us the debug.log file that contains the same text instead.
It is located at:

  • [ Windows ] C:\\users\\.deeparteffects\\debug.log


Hi Memnon,

I could not insert the debug file. Instead you can use my google drive link:

Hope it helps.

I am curious what´s wrong with my installation.

Thanks a lot.


Please contact our support via the support chat or best is via [email protected] so that support can help you out in your individual case. I cannot help you myself but Julia can surely assist.