Github repository (Beta version Uploaded)

I’m working on a github for people who are scared of Dos aka 40 and under it will be ready in a week with all the CLI tools should the Dev’s want to mirror to the main they are more than welcome my goal is to make CLI tool more interface friendly. As DAE forum has a 32k max 3 post limit I had no choice in setting a channel to do so.

Here’s my repository

Should you have any questions before using it by all means ask away I love what DAE is able to produce and at the same time bridging the generation gap is a passion of mine. Hope this help next project is a powershell interface for a more automatic and order selective interface.

Have a great day everyone.

Edit: I could of built this as a EXE package for the installation however I believe in people being able to see the source code of things and transparency which this world lacks of these days.


It was reported to me that some may get this error, should you get this error right click the setup.bat file that you downloaded from the github repository and click properties add a check mark to Unblock and click OK this way you will be able to install the shortcuts.