Hangs on "Artwork is created"


I’m evaluating this on a new Macbook that has the new M1 architecture and it is running on Rosetta 2 in Intel mode. it installed fine and I can generate a GAN image from “Generate with Ai” just fine. However, if I open an image and try any of the AI settings it either creates the image but stops at 0/1 and never actually completes the creation, or the process of “Artwork is Created” runs indefinitely. Any ideas?


This could be any number of things, most commonly to little ‘free memory / RAM’ to work with.
Please send us your generated logs.

  1. Open Deep Art Effects and select “ info ” --> “ about ” in the top menu bar.
  2. In the about dialog there is a button called “ show debug log
  3. A new window containing the log will appear. Just press “ copy
  • [ Mac ] ~/.deeparteffects/debug.log