How do I get - and activate - a license please


I have just downloaded Deep Art Effects for Desktop, having seen it recommended on several sites as being an excellent free piece of software that looks like it will do just what I need to modify some images.

I’ve opened the software up and it opens with a pop up asking me to input my product key. However, I can’t find out anything else about product keys or licensing for Deep Art Effects when googling or searching on the site, nor can I find out anything about it even being sold.

All the videos and articles I can find just tell me how great it is and how easy it is to get started - just add my picture and go… But I can’t even get to that point - it wants my product key. And if I try to cancel the pop up box, it then won’t open an image or download a filter, it just gets stuck.

Please help! I would love to have a go with this software and I’m falling at the first hurdle! Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


Simply login to the homepage with your Deep Art Effects account, then you can purchase a license key.


Or you can now go directly to 'get access