How does the "Generate" feature ensure that images are unique?

Are generated images always unique? If I generated a sufficiently large number of images, would they start to repeat or start to be very similar? What (roughly) is the method that ensures all images are unique and original?

Image generators are more of a novelty thing for this one you could end up with 4294967295 (or 1/2 that my debugger says both) images but remember like a dice at one point keep rolling you will get repeats in randomness the question to ask is what you want to do with the image library as these are 512x512 for some legal creative artwork you could make mosaics plenty of tools online to use this library for making posters that if people look near they see all the different art. Remember this is a numeric generator so someone else could end up with something similar @Peardox made some amazing example posts of codes and ways on how you can interpret the results of the rendering such images and ways to use them he’s definitely the pro in regards to messing with the output myself I’m more of think outside the box type person. The bottom line is knowing what you want to do with the results if it’s NFT’s well I’m about to blow everyone’s mind and increase sales of DAE with something so simple of a trick that I’d do worst than Elon Musk with stock changes. (This goodie showing up before mother’s day for people to offer something nice to their mothers). Well if you need any other help let me or others know I just bought my license recently and the community is great.

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Thank you. I see your point that the number is very large.

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Some of the art looks great and works great as a style other ones not so much but like anything, you might like something I don’t like and vise versa as the old saying goes one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Most images are landscapes and portraits, more on the portrait direction as it’s been trained on that hence why DAE is great for removing backgrounds on people photos and to change the foreground background areas.