How long to process a 5 minutes video?

The demo version doesn’t support videos, hence my questions:

  1. How long does it take on the windows desktop version (intel I5,16gb ram, Nvidia 1070) to process a 5 minute video? With cuda? Without cuda? Roughly…

  2. Can it process 4k videos?

Thanks in advance.

Depends on the size and framerate of the video

An old guide I wrote is here

I’m also playing with a Russian Cloud PC which is sorta in the are you mention as detailed revently in the forums here

Basically a video is a lot of single images so at 30 fps is 9,000 images

I’ll run off a test clip tonight and set it going in Russia to give you an idea of the GPU timing but I’ll run a shorter clip for testing.

I’ve got a plan whereby I can use Russian PC as much as I like when the Soviets are all in bed so at least it won’t cost me anything other than time.

You can get an idea of the ball-park length of time simply by timing how long one image takes with / without GPU and mulyiply it by 9000.

Finaly able to answer - this took longer than I expected to work out a testing method.

5 mins = about 20 hours on the Russian box but a 1070 has twice the GPU cores I have to experiment with so yours wil be faster (can’t say exactly how much tho - depends on the PC)