How to submit your debug logs

When you’ve found a bug and no solution in our support Category please open a thread about that.
If we cannot help you there please send us your generated logs.

  1. Open Deep Art Effects and select “info” --> “about” in the top menu bar.
  2. In the about dialog there is a button called “show debug log
  3. A new window containing the log will appear. Just press “copy

Paste the copied text into a mail, send it to [email protected] and you are done!

You can also send us the debug.log file that contains the same text instead.
It is located at:

  • [Windows] C:\\users\\.deeparteffects\\debug.log
  • [Linux] ~/.deeparteffects/debug.log
  • [Mac] ~/.deeparteffects/debug.log

Please send us either the copied text or the debug.log file via email to [email protected]