How to use the GAN art CLI

As usual with dae your first try at the CLI GAN generated art results in a load of obscure meaningless Java errors

This is, of course, because the person testing it had an example command line that was correct (so it passed testing). Relying of just the output from the CLI to tell you what to type results in some meaningless Java error more often than anything useful.

So - here’s the missing example they should have given us…

Extract then open a command prompt, e.g. Powershell, wherever you put it and type

.\DeepArtEffectsCli.exe generate -name artwork -output test.jpg

The only current option for -name is artwork and even thought you cant ask for anything else if you miss it out you’ll get a meaningless Java error

The -output switch must also be supplied, this should be the name of the file you want to save as despite it saying its the path where you want the image to be output (which is something else), Missing this or getting it wrong will result in a meaningless Java error

The -extension switch is optional which is just as well as it seemingly has no effect - the filetype is picked up from the filename you give it with the -output switch.

Until DAE start doing proper testing expect your favourite obscure meaningless Java error to be a standard feature.

They once sent me an early release, I immediately found an error in the GUI version which they fixed - not had an early release since (and, yes. I’ve mentioned the meaningless Java error issue many times)