Intensity Tab Does not work in Video

After importing any video in DAE, if I select any effect, reduce the intensity and hit preview, then lower intensity effect works in the preview frame, but if I render the whole video it always renders it in full intensity, no matter how lower I set the intensity tab it does not affect the final video. (this happens in the default version)
I tried GPU version, in GPU version theres another problem, any effect you chose, after rendering, the final video is exactly same as the original video, the effect does not get applied.

Please help, I really need to use lower intensity effects in videos, full intensity kinda spoils the final video.
I tried 720p, 1080p, and 4k videos, lower intensity does not work in any of those.

Anyone ?

I really need a solution.

Thank you reporting this issues. We will fix that.


In the meanwhile there is an easy workaround. You can layer the edited video above the original video and lower it’s opacity.

This issue has been fixed in the current version.