Issues importing and saving a video in Deep Art Effects

I just purchased DAE and imported a video, watching as that happened, it’s about 2.5 minutes long and I used Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7 to do it. Some weeks ago and shared that one on Youtube so it works OK.

After the “import” all I am seeing is a blank editor and when I try to save the video it seems to try then stops and no saved video; any ideas what might be happening? The original video format is .mp4

Here is an update and this is the desktop version. I updated to 1.2.7 today and managed to successfully import the video and ran it OK, once. However when I tried to save it, that failed and the video was no longer in the Deep Art Effects editor.

What size chunks are you using (File -> Preferences), are you using CPU or GPU?

Win 7 is somewhat old hat too…