No access to photos

Ok, I give up. I first downloaded DAE in February and it worked fine. Then my Operating System crashed so I had to get that reinstalled. I then went back to DAE and paid for another 3 months and downloaded it and reinstalled it. (it probably was there the whole time but I didn’t know it). Anyway, it worked for about a week and then all the sudden it doesn’t. It opens obviously, but now it won’t download photos for me to play with. It does nothing when I click on “Open” or try to drop a photo. Do I need to uninstall the app and reinstall it? It recognizes me as an artist and acknowledges that I’ve paid. I’m sure it’s simple to fix but I don’t know which way to go now. Maybe my blond hair is hindering my technological skills. Thanks for any help.

Dear aljay,

Thanks for posting this and don’t worry there is no need to give up yet even with blond hairs. That’s where our customer service comes to help. Can you please reach out to us on the live chat of our website, we can then debug whatever issues you are experiencing with you and resolve them.

Alternatively you can also mail to [email protected] to schedule a live chat with her at a time which is convenient for you.

With friendly regards

I had this sorta thing happen before

First off try Info -> About -> Delete Cache

IF that don’t work…

Try deleting c:\Users<UserName>.deeparteffects

Where is your Windows Account name
Note the dot / full stop before deeparteffects (easy to miss)

Note that this effectively fully resets DAE - it’ll forget who you are etc.

You may need to reset your license from the main site. If this is required it’ll moan that the license is already in use when you try staying it up or entering it.

How to reset your license…

Go to main DAE site
Click on Sign in and - err - sign in
Click on your username
Click on Product Key
Click on Deactivate License

You can now enter your license key into DAE on startup

Thank you all for responding to my request for help. Deleting my cache worked. I am very happy now!! This app is one of the most fun things I’ve played with since I decided I am artistic. I have several artists in my family but never considered myself having that talent. My grandmother and brother both tried to teach me when I was young and I did okay but life got busy and I didn’t continue. Now I have time and more patience and it’s very therapeutic to me. I hope everyone is staying well and having a blessed Sunday.

Thank you very much Peardox! And happy to hear that you’re enjoying our software.
Stay safe, and looking forward to read you art!