Not truly an offline product

I have the desktop version and it does not provide full functionality if my internet connection is down. Also does not work correctly with less than 16 gig of ram. Wish the company had enough integrity to deliver what they promise.

Hi - I sympathize, having had very similar problems:

No internet - I found that the program seems to download a lot of the assets needed to run the full functionality on 1st use. So, I by running all of the functions for the first use while connected to the internet, it worked without the internet connection later. Not tested 100%

Less than 16 Gig - I assume you only have 8Gig. The program does need 4 Gig to run - they are upfront about that. However, I found that on a MS Windows 10/11 PC, the operating system itself uses at least 4.5/5 Meg. So, you are left with less than the required 4 Gig. I found that by running the PC in “Safe Mode with Networking” I managed to bypass this issue.

Hope this helps.