Nvidia 3060 GPU support?

I started my DAE GPU version journey with a Nvidia Quadro M1000M which was pretty slow. Today I upgraded to a 3060 RTX 12GB card and the app no longer works. Just stalls with a never ending progress bar at “Artwork is created” (which should say “Artwork is being created”)

From what I can tell on this forum it’s cause CUDA 9 doesn’t work with newer cards.

Has anyone gotten newer cards to work on the GPU version?

Fun little fact - according to TechPowerup your 3060 is about 7x the speed of your old card

Of course, at least your old one worked with DAE (while your new one dont)

The numbers look a bit off though cos it also says a 3080 is 13x the speed while my 3060 compared to a 3080-ish (A10G) is actually 2.5 faster than mine…

None of these cards work with DAE of course so it’s a pointless fact (unless you can get modern card support of course)