Please add a favorites to art styles

Scrolling through the art styles is tedious and I have several art styles that I use more than others and are usually my default goto styles… so it would be great if you guys added a favorites feature… maybe have your favorites show up first on the list.


I’ve been asking for alphabetical for over a year…

If you are comfortable with command-line interface (CLI) ways of working you can try:

  • Using multiple input images:
    For all commands above (artfilter, abstract, vincent, artistic, superresolution, removebackground) it is possible to render multiple images at once!
    To utilize this feature you simply have to use directories instead of files for input / output / style parameters:
  • Examples:
    DeepArtEffectsCli.exe artfilter -input "C:/images/" -output "C:/imageoutputs/" -stylename "Colorful"
  • DeepArtEffectsCli.exe artfilter -input "C:/images/" -output "C:/imageoutputs/" -stylename "Colorful, Retro, Epoch"
  • DeepArtEffectsCli.exe abstract -input "C:/images/" -output "C:/imageoutputs/ -stylename "C:/styleimages/" -styleweight 100
  • DeepArtEffectsCli.exe abstract -input "C:/images/" -output "C:/imageoutputs/ -stylename "C:/images/style.png" -styleweight 100

from: Deep Art Effects Command Line Tool For Batch Processing & Scripting

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Yeah that’s friggin’ crazy, Mike. Who is going to do that? Only 5% of users would even try, and OP, they not gonna add favorites or alphabetical sort, or most used sort, or a “save as…” dialog box with resolution choices, or explain that understanding brush size as it relates to image resolutions of both source and style images is critical to getting consistent “good” results. Anyone check out styleplay yet? Or artbreeder? (Sounds dirty, but I didn’t name it)

I actually wrote a thing to generate batch files to process stills from a video one at a time - thousands of lines all the same apart from the filenames…

I’ve used artbreeder but I never hard of Styleplay… got a link?


Alphabetical and Favourites for the effects. Would make using DAE much easier.

How about saving the style name as part of the saved file name beach-surrealism2.png etec

Totally agree. If you have a programming background, you can create your own batch files running through the CLI version. HOWEVER, if you have a disability (I have arthritis in my hands) it is almost impossible to be accurate enough to get sensible outputs.

I always get the impression that DAE is little more than a one-man-band in the programming department. For example, the latest versions of software available to downlead (from the web site) has been in BETA for years.