Preserving Transparency Demo App

Here’s something I’m playing with. (Also I said I’d release some code in YouTube)

To quote myself (from the above link - spooky - it references this post - time travel in action?)

Here’s a stand-alone sample of Transparency Preservation using a Styled and Original (original has transparency)

Unzip then run Compositing.exe (Win64 only) - available from link above

The upper slider allows you to control the mix between style and original optionally using original colours
The lower slider allows you to play with the Trasparency or even invert it (has no useful application in this sample, is very useful in upcoming not-a-DAE-alternative)…

NOTE : It’s just a sample - you’re stuck with the supplied image (you could rename things in media I guess - fermin-6.jpg + fermin-rembg.png are hard coded - do that and you might get something nice or it may crash - dunno…)