Problem installing GPU version


I have tried installing the current version of DAE GPU version on my new Windows 10 machine, but the app just crashes.
I just checked for list of compatible graphics cards and saw that my nVidia GeForce 1070Ti was not listed, although the Geforce 1070 was listed.
Can anyone tell me whether the GeForce 1070Ti is compatible with the DAE GPU version?
–Joel Nisson


Hello joelnisson,

Did you install CUDA 9?
If your Graphics card is not compatible with it, it may wont work.

You can send your debug.log to [email protected] and i’ll check it.
Also you can try to switch to the CPU version. It works independently of your graphics card!


Hi Jasin.

Yes, I did install CUDA 9.

My graphics card is a EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti. The compatibility charts list the GeForce 1070, but not the 1070Ti and I’m not sure whether there is significant difference between those two models.

And I am now using the CPU version and although I really like the effects, they take a very long time to render and I was hoping the GPU version would be faster.

I also did send the debug file to tech support, but did not receive a response.

Thanks for your input.

–Joel Nisson