Remove background, black white transparent


Please go through the steps so that the background can be either black, white or transparent.

I get different outputs even though I use the same steps.

I do have other programs that do that presently- but I thought I should try out DAE’s version. It
seems to be quirky or I do not know how to use this functionality correctly…



Dear @bob,

Thanks for the suggestion to make a selection black white or transparent,.
Can you indicate what you mean with our software being quirky ?

With friendly regards



Remove the background from an image with the subject not being a human

Your recogniser only handles people which limits the art somewhat - that’s quirky…


That’s not quirky, that’s exactly what it does. But I can see that you wish a deeper form of object recognition. Which is a feature request then.


Hi… Thanks for the clarification.

  1. White background option does not clear up all the background.remove%20background%20white|423x500
    Can you edit the image after background has been changed?

  2. I do no think the transparent option works. Does not work for me… (I think!)

  3. It is a nice option to have-but you should tell users it is only operational for human



Three three options are ( from left to right )

  • 1 ) everything rendered, no distinction between fore/background

    1. only background / excluding human is rendered in the style you have selected

    1. only foreground / human is rendered with the style you want


The fact that the subject has a human icon would seem enough indication that it’s only for humans. But I’ll see if we can make that more clear in tooltips and communication


Oh - save the image to png, jpeg doesn’t do transparent…