Request removal

have sent emails requesting you remove my bank details . product was purchased for lifetime one off fee.
do not try to reuse my bank details or charge for another year can support remove bank details as bank
says I have to ask deep art effects to remove this order.

Hello Lifetime and thank you for posting this.

Can you please tell me which device or operating system you are running Deep Art Effects on? (iOs, Android, Windows, Mac, etc.)

Thank you so much in advance.


customer support can contact me via email regarding any more information not on a public forum
thank you in advance.
initial request just remove my bank details from your site

Hello again Lifetime.

Please rest reassured that revealing your operating system is not dangerous or considered sensitive information. We just wanted to know whether you are using it on your phone or your desktop/laptop so we could proceed with the cancellation. But we are sending you an email anyway.

Thank you so much!


it is considered sensitive and dangerous on any open forum , secondly you can explain why a 1 time
purchase of your software last year still has my bank details showing in my bank account as if your
going to try to take another payment in upcoming month of december, also pretty sure gdp rules
say your suppose to notify customers if keeping bank info on files. I’d be curious if other one time payment
customers know about this, this one time purchase was not any type of subscription model or auto renewal. as the site says One time payment. while notifying and asking this question your to be reported to gdp data protection people for this as far as I can see illegal potential use of a 1 time payment details on file this way, and not notifying the customer of this or the banks concerned.
taking days or hours to email is also questionable as you have had a year to consult and notify me
of this situation regarding bank card details of 1 time payment customers kept active.

Hi Lifetime,

My name is Cristiaan Brans, head of support and I apologies for the quality of follow up by Ahmed. Needless to say, he’s not longer with us. Obviously we take security & privacy concerns to hart.

For our desktop software, we use stripe & paypal for the payments. We don’t ask you for any personal data beyond that. The transaction is stored in their respective payment systems and linked to registered email we’ve sent the license to.

The details of your cc are obfuscated to us so we can only see the last 4 digits. We need this information to be able to identify you as customer, and/or be able to reimburse you in case of dispute. Also for tax reasons we need to keep a record of these transactions.

If you indicate to us (and this can be done through an email, encrypted if you want) what your last 4 digits or paypal address was ([email protected]) and that you will want them removed we can obviously remove you as customer.

This does bring the risk though that we can’t identify you as customer, the license can’t be reset and we cannot guarantee future support.

Hope this clarifies. Any further information we can exchange over the email.

With friendly regards
Cristiaan Brans


not sure what your waffling on about tbh. know this software was a 1 time payment , not a renewal or
if you try to charge me again based on last years bank details you retained then you will be facing legal
proceedings from known data protection lawyers plus the bank’s own legal team.
1 time payments mean just that software a consumer then owns / uses with indefinite use.
The fact is your company should not be holding one time payment details from a year plus or longer ago.
as you infact send them an email with serial key after 1 time payment. simply put your company will have a record of 1 time payment serial keys sent out after transactions so trying to mislead or suggest
you need 4 digits with a risk a customers licence would be / could be revoked is also just adding more evidence of misleading and evasive ways which a copy of is / has been sent over by you to my email address with your last reply.
you should make away all 1 time purchases of a indefinite payment won’t just be re charged again a year later. illegally by deep art effects .

Hi Lifetime,

Thanks you for you response, we never charge people again that pay the one-time fee for Deep Art Effects dekstop pro, I am not sure where you get that idea from, but we don’t, haven’t and will never.

I hope that’s clear enough for you.

Stripe & Paypal records of the transactions. We need to keep access to those transaction records (which are obfuscated) according to law.

The following documents need to be archived in an orderly manner in accordance with the provisions set forth in the revenue code (Sec. 147 of the Abgabenordnung [German Revenue Code]):

  • Books and records, inventories, financial statements, management reports, opening balance sheets and the work instructions necessary for understanding them and other organisational documents;
  • Commercial or business letters received as well as copies of all commercial and business letters sent out;
  • Posting receipts;
  • Documents to be attached to a customs declaration, insofar as the customs authorities waive their presentation or have returned them after submission;
  • All other documents insofar as they are important for taxation.

Retention periods. The following applies under tax laws:

  • A ten year retention period applies to trading books, inventories, opening balance sheets, financial statements as well as the work instructions necessary for understanding them and other organisational documents. This ten year retention period also relates to other documents important for taxation (in particular accounting receipts).
  • A six year retention period applies to all commercial or business letters received and for copies of commercial and business letters sent out.

Again, we never ‘re-charge’ a one-time fee payment. It’s a one time fee, no subscription. I’ve found your one-time payment in our system.So we have a record of your transaction (obfuscated), but no authorisation to charge the CC used again.

This is how it works in Germany, it might be different in the United Kingdom of course. Hoping that your questions are now fully answered. If there’s anything else feel free to let me know.

With friendly regards
Cristiaan Brans

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