Resizing part 2



I’m wondering what the best way is to resize the generated gan-image so it can be printed to 20 x 20" canvas.

The print-ready file is too small for that size, the print company says it’s around 100-120 dpi. I printed one print-ready file in a 16 x 16" format, at 149 dpi. Unfortunately, that also resulted in a far from optimal print.

It seems the generated gan-image is always 512 x 512px. I thought I could simply do a 'intelligent resize" and resize the resized file once again. But that doesn’t seem to bring great results.

So any tips on how to get a generated gan-image to a format so it can be printed on a 20 x 20" canvas?


Yes that’s right. The GAN images take a lot of processing power - so this is why I assume the images are small. But all is not lost. I have used Photoshop, Fotosketcher, Reshade (my favourite) and the NCH tools are quite good. Enjoy.


Thanks for the tips Mike!


I use Corel’s PaintShop Pro Ultimate for up-sizing images.

In PSP, I load my image, then click on IMAGE > RESIZE and use the BY PERCENTAGE, upping the percentage to 150, then select ADVANCED AND AI-POWERED SETTINGS > RESAMPLE USING > either PHOTOREALISTIC or ILLUSTRATION (depending on the image) > NOISE REDUCTION has 4 steps, I found using the one to the left of MAXIMUM works best > check GPU ACCELERATION > OK.

I found by increasing the percentage in smaller chunks works better than one big chunk at once, so I repeat the above process until I get the quality and size I desire.

PaintShop Pro does have a 30 day trial period. Something to consider to augment DAE.


Hi Hutch,

PaintShop Pro certainly looks interesting. I’ll give it try. Thanks!